As the name suggests, Cycle Surgery revolves around its workshop.

Our workshop is run different to others.
Due to the vast variety of styles of bicycles it's no longer possible to have fixed pricing or servicing 'packages'.
The same servicing requirements performed on two different styles of bicycles could take completely different times, so it's not possible to have fixed pricing.

Our Process
Upon arrival to the store all jobs are inspected, from there you are given an estimate on what the cost will be based on time (labour) and parts required.

No Bookings
That's right, no bookings. All repairs and services are done in the order they come into the workshop.
There's no need to call ahead, email or message. You can just bring in your bicycle, wheel, fork or whatever needs working on.

Time frame
We endeavour to get all repairs done as quickly as possible. Whilst we have a huge spare parts inventory it's not possible to keep everything in stock. Availability of parts, or custom fabrication will add time to this process.
We keep a few slots available each day for same day repairs such as simple adjustments or tyre and tube replacements.
Our workshop is busy and whilst we try help you asap please don't come into the workshop and expect or demand that your bike be fixed on the spot because it's a 'quick' job.

For jobs requiring special part orders it may be possible that parts can be ordered whilst you continue to use your bike.

We understand that not everyone is able to leave their bicycles for more than one day. Where possible we get your bicycle back to you asap and often do repairs and services overnight to get you back on the road, for those times where we can't we do have a few courtesy bikes.

Courtesy Bikes
We have a few commuter/pavement style bicycles that you can use for transport whilst we repair yours. Prior arrangement for one is essential and can be done via email

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